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once off cleaning

Looking for one-time cleaning but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re selling your home and you want to make sure it looks its best, your family are on the way, or you need help clean up after a big event, help is at hand with the Tolka Cleaning. We’re here to make finding a no-commitment cleaning pro in your area as straightforward and affordable as possible.

What is included?


  • Empty bins

  • Dust furniture

  • Picture frames and shelves dusted

  • Clean cobwebs

  • Clean window ledges

  • Clean hallways and staircases

  • Quick de-clutter of floors

  • Vacuum and mop all floors

Loft Livingroom


  • Empty bins

  • Rinse and wipe bathtubs

  • Clean sinks

  • Clean outside of cabinets and drawers

  • Scrub toilets

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean shower door

  • Vacuum and mop all floors

Image by Sidekix Media


  • Wet wipe outside of fridge

  • Clean all surfaces

  • Wipe down outside of appliances

  • Clean sink

  • Clean hob

  • Wipe down outside of oven

  • Clean outside of cabinets and drawers

  • Vacuum and mop all floors

Image by Creatv Eight
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