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property management cleaning

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Property management cleaning services are very important to property managers since it reflects the image of the overall asset. If it is an office building, condo complex, warehouse/distribution or a shopping center, cleanliness is critical. The quality and consistency of the services need to be performed by a reliable property cleaning company with the know how and experience to meet any challenge. Our aim is to eliminate any complaints and maintain a strong rapport with both the tenant and the property manager. It is incumbent for a property management company to hire a qualified and established cleaning service vendor. In the end, it will ultimately be a mutually beneficial association for all parties concerned.

What is included?

  • Cleaning all windows

  • Cleaning the ceiling

  • Cleaning fixtures all over the house

  • Cleaning all doors and door frames

  • Wiping off the dirt from walls

  • Washing tiled walls

  • Cleaning the restrooms thoroughly

  • Removal of all cobwebs

  • Wiping and washing all the windows from inside and from outside

  • Washing all the floors to make them clean and shiny

  • Removal of all trash and filth collected after the cleaning

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